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Presentation isn’t everything!

Presentation isn't everything!

Okay I have to be honest this doesn’t look that great and when I make it again I have to add something with color to liven it up a bit, but taste wise it is definitely not lacking! This is a white bean turkey chili with tostones on the side. First off for those who don’t know tostones are the result of frying pieces of plantain then smashing it down into a disk and refrying it. Now I understand that that is not all that healthy but it does have nutritional value prior to the frying lol! Anyway, the chili! It was amazing.
2 packs of turkey chop-meat (about 1.3 lbs each pack)
2 cans of white beans (one pureed and one drained and left whole)
1 spanish onion
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 pack of chicken broth powder
Then I added chili powder, cumin, cayenne, black pepper, cinnamon — but I could not tell you the specific amount because I just added by eye as I saw fit.
I cut up the onion and cooked it till it was soft and light brown added the garlic and all the dry seasoning to allow it to toast up a little. Next was the meat and once everything was cooked through the chicken broth powder along with some water and the beans. Served up with some tostones and everyone was happy! Not your traditional chili but still so good!