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Turkey takeover!

Turkey takeover!

Most people swap out beef for turkey when they’re trying to eat healthy because it’s a much leaner meat. One day my mother made a turkey meatloaf that we were all sure was going to suck because beef is the only way to go, right? It was amazing and we actually told her to never make a regular meat loaf ever again. The other night she was running late so I cooked dinner and of course altered her recipe. Sautéed red peppers, onion, and garlic, whole wheat bread crumbs, a little parmesan cheese… there might have been more but honestly I was just winging it so start there then season the way you think you should lol! Then just a little spinach in garlic and oil, cauliflower mash, and corn for those who dare not venture into the spinach world.


Our first Chia adventure

Our first Chia adventure

I kept hearing nothing but good things about chia seeds so we finally decided to integrate them into our diet by altering a dish we already know and love. We added chia seeds to some whole wheat bread crumbs for our chicken cutlets and made some cauliflower mashed “potatoes” with no potatoes of course and just some simple corn and peas on the side. I have to say it was a very enjoyable meal for me. The cauliflower mash isn’t for everyone my father hates it, my sister tolerates it, but my mother and I actually like it. It’s no mashed potatoes but we’ve gotten the texture pretty close and it’s still yummy! I say this meal was a success!

Presentation isn’t everything!

Presentation isn't everything!

Okay I have to be honest this doesn’t look that great and when I make it again I have to add something with color to liven it up a bit, but taste wise it is definitely not lacking! This is a white bean turkey chili with tostones on the side. First off for those who don’t know tostones are the result of frying pieces of plantain then smashing it down into a disk and refrying it. Now I understand that that is not all that healthy but it does have nutritional value prior to the frying lol! Anyway, the chili! It was amazing.
2 packs of turkey chop-meat (about 1.3 lbs each pack)
2 cans of white beans (one pureed and one drained and left whole)
1 spanish onion
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 pack of chicken broth powder
Then I added chili powder, cumin, cayenne, black pepper, cinnamon — but I could not tell you the specific amount because I just added by eye as I saw fit.
I cut up the onion and cooked it till it was soft and light brown added the garlic and all the dry seasoning to allow it to toast up a little. Next was the meat and once everything was cooked through the chicken broth powder along with some water and the beans. Served up with some tostones and everyone was happy! Not your traditional chili but still so good!

Stuffed pepper

Stuffed pepper

So ever since trying quinoa a few months ago I’ve been in love. We made stuffed peppers that were so easy and great! The quinoa is cooked as normal then mixed with ground turkey meat and tomato sauce, put in a pepper and baked for 45 minutes. The yellow peppers are so sweet and the filling is amazing. Quinoa is a little high in carbs but unlike white rice it has so much fiber and vitamins so the swap is well worth it!

I think I should be pescetarian

I think I should be pescetarian

If I never ate another piece of steak, chicken, or pork, I think I’d be okay. This is a BIG statement coming from a family of meat lovers (lol) but it’s true. I love fish, and more importantly I love how I feel when my diet is higher in fish a veggies! Okay so this meal wasn’t completely healthy there’s fried shrimp, but if you’ve ever tried my mother’s fried shrimp you’d understand the need to cheat a little! With that we had yummy crab cakes (or “krabby patties” as we told my nephew) veggies and a little piece of garlic bread. I don’t know how I’m not 300 lbs I love food so much. More veggies please!

Quinoa “rice” balls

I had some cooked quinoa in the fridge and the craving for rice balls, so this happened. I mixed the quinoa with an egg and a little bit of parmesan cheese. I made them small as you can see from the picture but each one had a cube of fresh mozzarella in the middle and then were breaded with whole wheat bread crumbs and baked! With some homemade tomato sauce these were amazing! Everyone loved them!

No carb dinner!

No carb dinner!

Remember when I said to stay tuned because I’d be switching it up for dinner? This was that dinner. It was baked chicken in a tomato and pineapple mixture, cauliflower “rice”, and “refried” red beans. Now let me address all the quotation marks. First off the beans, when I was younger my mother always used to puree our beans and call it refried beans so that we would eat all of the bean instead of just asking for the “juice” over our rice. It worked. Today we still do this and it gets my dad and my boyfriend to actually eat their beans! Second is the cauliflower “rice. I had seen a few posts about this on several blogs and decided to give it a try. All you have to do is cut off the florets in small chunks and throw it in the food processor with whatever seasoning you prefer and blend till it’s in rice sized bits, then you cook it up in some coconut oil until it’s tender with a little bite left so it doesn’t completely fall apart. I have to say I didn’t enjoy it and was incredibly jealous of my father who was the only one eating real rice that meal. The chicken and beans were great but the cauliflower in no way compares to rice! I’ve used cauliflower to substitute in place of mashed potatoes and although it’s not much like potatoes it gets the job done and is tasty. This was just upsetting and made me feel like I was on a sad diet. I’ll probably never do it again, but to each their own. I would have rather used a little brown rice or quinoa for this dish, then I would have been eating healthy and happy! Other than that the chicken was great and a must try!