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A “super-food” snack

Strawberries are high in vitamin C, they are immune system boosting, inflammation reducing, antioxidant filled delicious fruits! Avocado are filled with good fats! They help to maintain a healthy heart, lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, and more! So together they make a very healthy and delicious snack, and as I’ve said before Dr. Oz recommends you eat a half of avocado a day and had a whole segment on the benefits of strawberries, so need I say more? I cut these up and made a quick dressing for them with organic honey, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and a little bit of fresh lemon juice. Yum!

Such a yummy breakfast!

Such a yummy breakfast!

Okay, so yesterday I forgot to take a picture of breakfast before I inhaled it and I forgot to take a picture of dinner to. (but we’ll talk about that in a minute…) Here’s what I had yesterday for breakfast before class and again today before I got into some paper writing, but today I added baby spinach. Of course, is was still so yummy. (if you want to know what’s in it scroll down I put up the ingredients yesterday!)

Now into the important stuff: When I got home from class late last night my lovely boyfriend and I went to the gym. Even though I was tired I’m glad I went and got in a good leg day. After I came home my amazing mother had a plate made up of grilled chicken and a veggie mix that looked so pretty! it was corn with red onion and green beans laid just over top with a few slices of tomato. I wish I took a picture but I didn’t have my phone on me and I was hungry! But don’t worry, I will be requesting or recreating that dish again soon!

Breakfast in a rush…

Yesterday, after going to the gym, my mother and I went food shopping. We picked up lots of veggies and lean meats and portioned and prepared some of it for easy snacking and easy eating when we were in a rush to avoid grabbing something unhealthy just because it was fast. I live and go to school in two different boroughs and I have a 2 hour commute very early in the morning, so needless to say breakfast was usually an unhealthy choice or skipped all together. This morning however, I grabbed a small whole wheat wrap and added a spoon full of the homemade hummus we made yesterday. Then I cut up a hard boiled egg (another pre-prepared item we thought ahead for) and mixed up some of the (also pre cooked) diced grilled chicken from yesterday with a little bit of greek yogurt and honey and then added that to the little wrap as well. I had a few pieces of pineapple on the side with a cup of cold brewed iced coffee with almond milk and I was set. It took me all of 5 minutes and I had the nutritional boost from chicken, eggs, chickpeas, avocado, greek yogurt, honey, peppers, and pineapple. AND it was delicious!  

The best part of living at home…

The best part of living at home...

I’m lucky enough to have two parents that can throw down in the kitchen, and sometimes thats the hardest part of trying to stick to a healthy diet. My mother made this heavenly dish one lovely morning. It’s a black bean puree (her version of refried beans), poached eggs with a sprinkling of chorizo (spanish sausage) on top, tostones (plantains: cut, fried, flattened, and fried again – okay so this part isn’t healthy but it was delicious) and half an avocado all to myself! I know avocados have a lot of fat but it’s the good kind and Dr. Oz said we should be eating half an avocado a day! Plus it goes oh so well with this dish.

The best salad ever!

The best salad ever!

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a little crazy adding so many ingredients to my salads, but it’s so worth it! All the different flavors and textures make it fun and help keep me interested. If I had to eat a boring salad everyday I would stop dieting today. In this beauty I have some romaine lettuce, spinach, clementines, strawberries, and avocado with a little balsamic drizzled over top. It was amazing! The creamy texture of the avocado and the sweet bursts of flavor that the clementines and strawberries brought in put it over the top.

Homemade hummus

Homemade hummus

I love hummus and it’s a much healthier pair to some fresh raw veggies than the more common choice of ranch dressing but I’m not a big fan of processed foods. Making some at home is easy and you get to control what’s being put in your body. In this recipe I used a can of chickpeas, half of an avocado, a quarter of a roasted pepper and a little bit of garlic and black pepper. After mixing the ingredients in a sealable container I just used a hand blender on it for about 30 seconds and that was it! So good!